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Report Closed: Iridium1

Post by CTCNetwork

I recently (29th) reported an issue with the app.
Despite trying for two hours, turning airplane mode on and off and restarting my phone Waze repeatedly gave routing server time-outs and routing server unavailable.

The suggestion made was that this was not an app or map issue but a device issue, having no network or 3g connection, and the report closed.

I can assure you I did have a 3g and H+ and received numerous emails and browsed the Internet at the same time. The issue should not have been closed without my being able to even comment. It certainly wasn't "fixed" (I'm sure Iridium1 did nothing to "fix" anything) . This sort of support is not helpful.

The problem existed, and a mechanism to allow people to know when Waze DOES have routing server issues would be handy/useful.

Please don't just slam the door in users faces - they'll just go elsewhere.

Des. . . ;)
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Post by RussPA
I don't know the details of your issue, but your issue is not a map problem that map editors can fix, so there was nothing that editor could really do. These types of app issues are better suited for the forums. Perhaps that editor should have pointed that out. That's all I do when I get these types of reports, I suggest they restart their phone and then visit the forums if that doesn't work.
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Post by Iridium1
Hello CTCNetwork.

As I have been the one closing this request I guess it's up to me to respond 1st.

You have been using the App to report an "Update Request".
As you know Waze is communtity based, and a lot of users are working in the background to update / improve the map and work on serveral update requests a day.
This is one of the big advantages and value-adds of Waze instead of other navigation apps/systems.

We definitely do not want to close the doors for any of the users having a problem.

As mentioned - you reported a map issue "wrong direction". As there is no obvious MAP problem, I closed the Update Request ("As it is appearantly not a map error, I am closing this request. "). From my perspective this was nothing embarrassing from my side.

You could have either responded to the closed UR (Yes, even closed, we still get comments/replies and I cannot see any approach from your side to respond) or if you experienced an app problem you could have created a post here in the forum or contact Waze support.
CTCNetwork wrote:This sort of support is not helpful
I have to apologize if I have not rated your UR as a support question, but my response to "routing error. couldn't find route or routing server cannot be reached...." was at least a try to point you to the right direction.

It looks like you are not based in Germany (reported location) and I assume you might have had issues with mobile connectivity in another country.
I and -I am convinced- the community would be very interested to get more details from you and hopefully solve your problem reported.

Looking forward hearing from you soon.
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Post by CTCNetwork

Thanks for responding. I too used to edit and update the map, more so in the past. Sorry for barking but your "efficiency" just added to my frustration at the time...

The issue of connectivity in/with Waze is one of ongoing annoyance.
In clearly connected areas Waze searches for network connecting, despite there being one (and you receive emails and other network notifications.
Waze uses "routing servers" to calculate your route and alternatives.
If the app can't connect, you're stuffed!
On this occasion I was repeatedly getting that or no connection despite there being one.
Turning on airplane mode and off can fix this, not this time despite 3 or 4 attempts. I did also restart the app and restart the phone. All to no avail.
Given the dependancy of the app for its network connectivity perhaps it is time there was an additional report function for this issue so should there really be an issue with one of the routing servers then someone in Waze hq is alerted and can check?

I would have commented but the report was closed and I had no option from the app to allow me to. A reply to your reply's email, would that have worked?
I didn't fancy trying the editor on the phone!!! Chubby fingers don't help!

But I feel, as I suspect others do, that the ongoing issue of connectivity needs to be investigated further as the app is useless without it...

Des. . . ;)
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