Speed Cameras not always audible

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Speed Cameras not always audible

Postby davidusshappy » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:41 am

It's a major oversight to not have the option to have camera alerts on on all the time. The warning (audible) for speed cameras is disabled when you're driving slower than the limit is.

So for example i am driving slow because there is some traffic before me (30km/h) and radar is like 300m in front (already showing it on app but no sound that there is one as i was driving 30 on 50km/h road). Then I am overtaking the cars and have already 60km/h didn't check my waze for 3 minutes and still get caught by speed camera just because there was no announcement about the speed camera.

Please fix this - announcement about speed camera in your direction should be always ON.
On the other hand you can completely remove speed cameras from the other direction - that is completely useless as you don't care that there is a speed camera in opposite direction right?
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