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Duplicate, Identical Road Segments being created...

Post by zzyzxuk
I'm noticing that for the last few weeks, lots of times when road segments are added, Cartouche actually creates two, identical segments, one on top of the other.

I -suspect- that this happens when you click to save the details of the road, and then click twice on the button because sometimes cartouche doesn't seem to have actually noticed that you have clicked on the hyperlink (it's waiting for a response) - so you click a second time not sure if you actually hit the link or not.... (this is just a hypothesis)

Anyone else noticing this?

And to the tech support guys - you have a way of preventing users from adding new roads that have a similar geometry when adding from the archive. Can't this also apply in Cartouche?
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Post by janmensik
Yes, it happends sometimes. And it's hard to find out.
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Post by TheCheesemeister
I am getting this too now. Its making a complete mess of connectivity. Difficult to spot unless you are changing geometry. :|
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Post by support
We are aware of that problem in the cartouche, we are working on it, and in the near future it should be available.

Best Regards,
Waze Support Team
Waze Team
Waze Team
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