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These forums are specific to the Waze mobile app. Post here if you experienced a problem while using the app, have a question about the app functionality or a feature such as navigation or search.

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Language issues

Post by ctb8204

This is about the navigation (spoken) language for Waze app.
I realized that there's Cantonese available for Hong Kong, China and most part of Asia. However, that did not come to America. I would like to ask is there a regional block on languages?

I never used Waze back where I was coming from, and I could only access the English version here (or any other language that I am not familiar with) so I have no idea on how it performs. It only appears to me that I don't have the option to change it to Cantonese (I could change to Mandarin, Arab). However, I could change the visual language to Cantonese (surprisingly).
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