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[Page Update]Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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In the section Junction_Style_Guide/Interchange#Ramps, there is a misleading bullet point implying that penalties are associated with road types.
* Ramp segments have essentially no penalty,...
I questioned this in Discord and a discussion ensued, during which some routing myths were dispelled. Replacement text for that bullet point was suggested:
* [[Road_types#Ramps|Ramp segments]] are not [[Routing_server#Pruning|pruned by the routing server]], meaning that they are not excluded for consideration for any route. However, ramp segments in the middle of a direct freeway or highway route cause a road type discontinuity, suppressing the [[Detour_Prevention_Mechanisms#Big_detours|big detour prevention mechanism]] for any alternate routes
This might be further refined. The information about the effect of the ramp type on BDP might belong in a different portion of the page, or the pros and cons of using the ramp type might be separated into two different bulleted lists.

Please help improve this page.
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