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Post by Rwparsons60
Jnswift wrote:
MickJohn1 wrote:Please can you bring back larger speed limit and don’t need speedo already got one.

Many thanks

dbshark wrote:Please add an independent selection for using speedometer and a separate turn on/off for speed limit. Please increase the size of the speed limit sign. There are a lot of roads that don't post speed limits frequently enough or at all. This feature is really needed.
Very much agree with these.
Been using Waze CarPlay in my new car and one of the more recent updates shows the speedometer and speed limit (like the regular version does) which is unnecessary for some (maybe not all) cars where the current speed is very visible (it's projected on the windshield of my Mazda).
It makes the speed limit very small and harder to read, but there's no way to disable speedometer without also removing the speed limit :(
I agree as well. None of my other nav apps have a speedometer display. It is a waste, it is standard equipment on most vehicles these days. :)
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Post by rynofish
I just purchased a new receiver for my car that has Apple CarPlay. I found this release on the Pioneer site. I may return it as Waze is one of the major reasons for using CarPlay. Anybody confirm this or know if it will come back? ... Radio+Mode

Copy/Paster from Pioneer:
March 11, 2019

Dear Valued Pioneer Customer: Pioneer has received notice that Waze Mobile Ltd.’s Waze app will no longer be supported on the interface technology that enables smartphone users to operate Waze on compatible Pioneer receivers through Pioneer’s AppRadio Mode and WebLink by Abalta Technologies. Waze version 4.51, planned for release in late April or early May, will not work with AppRadio Mode and Waze will be removed as an available app. The availability of non-Pioneer apps through AppRadio Mode, WebLink or any other platform is an independent decision made by each app developer.

In 2018, Waze became available as a third-party navigation option in both the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay platforms. Owners of Pioneer in-dash receivers compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay who would like to continue using Waze through the receiver are recommended to shift to one of those platforms. Receivers that support AppRadio Mode and WebLink but not Android Auto or Apple CarPlay can still stream the audio portion of Waze through Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming. The receivers will support simultaneous Bluetooth streaming audio (music, podcasts, etc.) and Waze audio, but other sources of audio entertainment will not be available while streaming audio from Waze.

All Pioneer in-dash receivers will continue to be fully operational with other functions including remaining AppRadio Mode compatible apps and/or smartphone connected services even after the discontinuance of Waze support. If you have any questions, please contact Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 1-800-421-1404, Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM (Pacific Time), excluding holidays, or online through"
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Post by rynofish
vince1612 wrote:This does not say that Waze will stop working on Apple CarPlay, but only on Pioneer’s AppRadio Mode. If your unit has Apple CarPlay as you wrote, then you're fine and there is no need to return anything.
Thanks! I have not had any experience playing with CarPlay yet so I am not quite sure how all the apps are used/acquired.. Cheers!
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Post by SarahHarrisBradley
Unable to use the orange icon when using Car Play to post hazards
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Post by Scllywg
I have IOS 13.1 and an Audi etron (so sweet). I am having the following issues:
- report button is no longer present
- icons (like Starbucks) are very small
- under vehicle details in settings, electric chargers are not an option, and don’t appear on the map

I could not find fixes in the settings nor on the forum. Any help is much appreciated.
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Post by Scoobmaster
Just another data point for incorrect speed displayed in carplay. Like many others, it seems to be about 10% off showing false too fast (showing 35 MPH when I am going 30 and showing 70 when I am going 60). Waze version Iphone Xs, IOS version 12.3, 2016 Ford F150 with SYNC 3
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Post by sgasp
W/ CarPlay very slow an unresponsive.

The map very quickly lags 10 to 20 seconds behind the true position.
When I stop my car, Waze continue to update for 10 to 20 seconds its position on display (so behind the real one) after a kilometer drive only.

Pressing any button in this situation is also not reactive, several seconds before reaction.

I know two persons reporting the same issue of low performance and lagging w/ CarPlay

I believe this was not seen on previous release.
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Post by shimihi
Iphone 6S IOS 9.2,
After upgrade to 4.43.4,
Waze is been closed immediately when trying to launch it.
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Post by Shinso90
Drummin4JC wrote:Hey! I'm relatively new to the forum so I'm hoping I'm putting this in the correct location. I've used Waze on ACP since October and have noticed this recently. The center of the screen becomes "off" after I make a report. It won't go back to center until I close and restart the app from my phone. Is anyone else seeing this? ... /ACP-2.jpg
I think you have to click on the waze icon on the left and all we'll be alright! ;)
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Post by SimhaPilotMeow
I use CarPlay, Waze (ver with iPhone 6 (ios12.0) and Pioneer (AVH-Z2050BT).
Generally saying it works.
2 questions:
How can I operate voice control for Waze?
How can I turn Waze into default map on Carplay
Whenever I use the voice control it directs to Apple Map and not Waze.
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