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Meet Hadas - New Canada Community Manager

Post by delilush
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to and welcome Hadas (Dasikk) the new official NA Community Manager.

Hadas will introduce herself of course and will tell you everything you need to know about her. Hadas’ is a leading community manager in our team and she has been with Waze for nearly 3 years, is very knowledgeable about Waze Core products and their technical aspects. In addition, Hadas has been focused on Data Projects within our team and has been managing communities in Israel & Europe.

I myself am making a shift in the team to continue serving my role as our team’s tech lead for all Map/Editing-related matters as well as direct manager for SCMs for the Americas & IL. This is part of a bigger team restructuring which was announced in this post.

I’m leaving my role knowing that Hadas has everything it takes to succeed. I have complete faith that she will lead the NA communities to more accomplishments and to growth.

It was wonderful working with you and meeting each and every one of you on meet ups in person!

Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by Dasikk
Hi everyone,

I'm happy to be here, and excited to start working with you all.

Daliah has pretty much summed it up when it comes to my time at Waze and my role in the team.
I'll add that I love being part of the communities team, I think that's the best part to be in at Waze :)
Each community brings something different, different people and culture, different challenges in traffic to beat.

I heard so many great things about you, as a community and as individuals.
I'm happy to start and get to know you better (and can't wait to get back to traveling and meet you face to face).

Let's do this!

Hadas (aka Dasikk)
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Post by BryceCampbell
Thanks Daliah, and welcome Hadas - look forward to working/knowing you too.

Wondering if you know about the various layers of places? Coming across of water layers showing below a land layer - where in fact the water layer should be on top.
There are many cases across Canada, but this is a good example - shows the same on Live Map as it does on the App. ... _referrer= ... na&env=usa
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Post by gbhouseinfo
Hi Daliah!

Thanks for posting and excited to start working with you.Feeling :D :D
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