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Using the current position to mark a favorite

Post by moisesbites
It would be interesting to be able to directly use the current position to mark a favorite place, without having to type an address. The addresses do not always correspond correctly to the current position. It would also be interesting to mark a favorite place simply by touching a location on the map.

Thank you for all. :D
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Post by AlanOfTheBerg
This and lots more questions could be answered by reading the manual found in the wiki. :)

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Post by CBenson
Although its no so easy for an English speaker at the moment: http://www.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Manage_Favorites
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Post by jonypony
Hi everyone!
The "Manage Favorites" page has been changed back to English.
It was an honest mistake by one of our Portuguese-speaking users.

Please let us know if you encounter any such changes in-case we miss them. :mrgreen:

Thank you,
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Post by moisesbites
Hi everyone!

Thank you for the answers.

I found the wiki page. I translated to the brazilian portuguese. You can see here http://www.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Criar_Favoritos .

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Post by thefatveganchef
Push and hold on the screen. :)
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