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Welcome Boosters and Communication Guidelines!

Post by Ottolenga
Hi Dear Boosters!

Welcome to this new forum, created especially for you! :D

The role of a Community Booster is a challenging one! It requires a lot of patience and empathy as creating a community far away from home is definitely not an easy task!
However it is also a fun and extremely rewarding experience so thank you to everyone who took on this challenge on him/herself!

This forum is aimed to help each other, share tips and tricks on how to better boost a community and ask for advice.

Boosters Communication Guidelines
Please see below some guidelines which will hopefully help you understand inclusiveness and leadership in the community.

As a Booster you should demonstrate the highest levels of mutual respect and trustworthiness. Boosters should have great communication skills, good assessment of issue urgency, a solution-oriented attitude, and the ability to prioritize community issues and requests.

A Booster should be a positive example to Wazers in the local community and worldwide.

Leadership perception -
Involvement in a new country should be in a form of guidance or mentoring in order to build a strong, thinking, independent community. The booster should encourage the local community to make decisions on its own about their local map and mapping guidelines. Such involvement may include knowledge exchange and documentation, and driving projects that help to build the grounds for the local community.

Community environment -
Helps sustain the wellbeing of the community and maintains a healthy environment for open discussions and opinions. Please remember that different communities have a different culture in which they know how to work and behave and it must be respected. Make sure you learn the differences, and make the adjustments needed from your end.

Connecting link -
A link between the community and Waze staff regarding issues and matters that concern or in the interest of the local community. When discussing topics, focus should be kept on local impact. In cases where a local editor shows dedication and skills to take on managing tasks it is important to include them in the communications.

We wish you all the best of luck in your role, the team is here for you!

Tamar and Hezi
on behalf of the Communities Team
Waze Team
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Post by JTRIANA77
Excellent for highlighting the work of those of us who make our homeland in other countries, we continue working to forge new communities
Thank you Tamar and Hezi for working with us on this project.
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Excellent project to be able to help in other countries and share experiences with other communities.
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Post by fermario73
Tamar and Hezi, thanks for the great job at creating this new role and give an identity to all the collaborators that contribute to develop new communities.
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Post by kyhtak
tunisiano18 wrote:Hi, do you have a list of country that need help ?
If so that can be interesting to know.

Thank you
I was wondering the same thing, and would also be interested in seeing a list of countries. (How would an editor even know what country to put on the form without a list?)
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Post by Ianinessex
I have completed and submitted the form, just waiting for a response. Is there a timescale for when the applications will be reviewed?
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Post by Ianinessex
yjanayas wrote:could someone upload the form please :D
Link to the announcement. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=304169
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Post by Rcmz71
Thanks for the opportunity, l"ll try to help the new community as much as possible.
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