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Self Managed Countries New Definition and Updates

Post by Ottolenga
Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all doing well and safe

As we are going through a cleanup year, we reviewed the countries where we have editing activities and we tried to re-define whether a country is Self managed or not.

Up until now the definition of a Self Managed Country was whether or not it had an Area Manager Sheet.

We believe that this definition does not really reflect what a Self managed community is and after consulting with our Community Boosters and careful considerations within the Communities Team we came up with a new definition:

"A self managed community should have a number of local community members, which are dedicated and stable, and a local coordinator."

According to this new definition, a Community can be defined as Self Managed if there is a group of local community members, with a local coordinator, and with defined local rules and guidelines.

With this new definition in mind, please see here below the list of current Self Managed Communities.

Countries that are not in the list, therefore not considered as Self Managed could still request/ use their AM sheet of course, and can request a Booster to help and grow!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Community Manager for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for everything that you do!

Hezi & Tamar on Behalf of the Communities Team
Waze Team
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