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Any guess at what "coming days" means
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Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon
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dude495 wrote:
RichardPyne wrote:
dude495 wrote:Can you tell us what “higher ranks” consist of? Will be it R6+ only? R5+?
From what I see, it looks like R5+
I’ve had R4’s say that they can add and modify closures still
I'm an R4. I haven't tried closures but the RPPs that I've added are "pending approval" by a higher ranking editor. Hopefully they won't disappear at some point. I have been doing lots of road editing with no problems at all, so for now I'm just staying away from place editing.
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It took me way to long to find this post. I thought I was losing my mind and there was something wrong on my end. Any updates as to when it will be back to normal? I was really just starting to get into this thing.
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Squint588 wrote:This is just for closures correct? Place Point Updates are still limited to Higher ranks?
Confirmed. I'm still seeing the approval requirements on place updates.

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Phew, thankful this thread was shared with me. I thought I had secretly been demoted or something. I hate to say it, but glad it wasn't just me!

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cwpbdigital1 wrote:So is this why I , starting today, receive a saving error when trying to save an event?

Yes this would be the reason. Daliah will update us here once the restrictions have been removed
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subs5 wrote:Also really could use a 11/5/2020 TU to go through since major FW interchange announced today after 11 am TU cutoff.
Your wish was granted. I see we got a tile update. :D
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