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Post by shmupi
Thank you Noam and good luck

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Post by orbitc
Thank you, Noam, and good luck on your next Journey! ;)

You will be missed dearly and we will never forget such a great leader who helped build the best product and the best community in the entire universe.

I'm very happy and honored to get to meet you in person on multiple occasions.

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Post by robindlc
Hi Noam,

Many thanks to let us enjoy the dark side.. and all the best in your new life.

Honestly speaking, waze has given us lots of fun and the opportunity to meet people all around the world. We are like a family.

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Post by ldriveskier
Noam, thank you for all the passion you poured into Waze to make it so great. I wish you happiness in your future pursuits and hope to still see you around on the editing side. :)
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Post by manoeuvre
Thank you Noam, for everything you've done for Waze and the Editing Community.

Big thank you from the Canadian Waze Community.
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Post by mousepl
Noam, I would like to send a BIG THANKS for your involvement from Polish community.
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Post by Machete808
Aloha, thank you and congratulations for what will always be your legacy --a truly vibrant virtual (and real-world) global community!
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Post by sketch
Noam, a Waze without you is almost incomprehensible. Thank you for building such an incredible phenomenon, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Does this make me the longest-serving Wazer? Kidding, but only a little.

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Post by ply8808
Thank you for the leadership, vision and down right awesome experience of waze and the waze community. Through the years we have had some great discussions that ranged from waze, to life in general, I really appreciate that and in my country boy mind, and simply put, you are good people!!
Best wishes on whatever your future brings and I can only hope that our paths may cross again for one of those open and heartfelt discussions.
Take care and be safe Noam.
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Post by leocylau
Thanks Noam for your works in the past. You are so wonderful and approachable in the community. Wish you have a wonderful and successful career (again) in the future and have a joyful life ;)
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