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Translations Bug report form- change in process!

Post by Ottolenga
Hi Dear Localization Community!

I hope you are all doing great :D

About a year ago we set up a translation bug reporting form for you to be able to report translations bugs in a structured way.

We realise that the bug reporting form is not the most scalable process, and we are working on getting you a more efficient and scalable one.
This form was set about a year ago, as a solution for having a way for you to report translation bugs at all, and honestly I am not sure we were expecting so many :o
On one side it's a good sign, as it means that a process was definitely needed, and on the other hand we need to find a better way to make it more efficient.

In the meantime, we made a slight change in the process which I also stressed in the form itself.
PLEASE NOTE that if you are reporting a bug in the client, you should report the bug in CC. Only if you do not have access to CC, then you can move forward and open a bug via the translation bug reporting form.

This is still work in progress, as we are working on getting the best scalable solution. For now the only change is that client related bugs will go though Centercode through the bug report.

Thank you for your patience and please let me know if you have any questions


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