Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby fvwazing » Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:12 am

So... would its assumed popularity justify an extra field in settings, an extra calculation in fuelpricing (and another complication, another source of usererrors at that)?

Aaargh! I just realize that there will not be ONE bonuscard involved but MANY. 5c here, 8c there. Ugh. Guess my answer to my own question.
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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby fvwazing » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:37 pm

dohlsson wrote:How about a function letting you enter a discount on a brand. Ex when you have a bonus card with discount for every gallon.

If you prefer a single brand - you can select that now. Bonuscards seem to be such a rare occurrence that no one seems to have asked for it yet. For now you will have to do the math yourself.
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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby fvwazing » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:22 am

deeggo wrote:I would like to propose a smaller number of points for just confirming prices already put in. I fear people will just confirm prices of every station they pass, for gaining points.

5 times confirming without changing a price is unlikely, 10 times is extremely unlikely to be valid. This could be recognized at the server-side.

So after 5 confirms (in a row) you could get a warning, after 10 confirms (in a row) you could be locked from the gasprice-feature for 24h.
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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby Marcoqwerty » Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:50 pm

When add gas station direcly from Waze?

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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby gettingthere » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:09 pm

Waze has not disclosed the 3rd party in regards to the USA gas prices. Some is of think it could be YP (Yellow Pages) or the source that YP uses.

I hate to recommend this - Workaround for these issues, just use Gas Buddy. It just works... :)
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Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby krankyd » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:42 pm

Hi guys,
Glad to be on the forums again!

Recently Waze has added Gas Station prices as one of the crowd sourced features it offers to its millions of Wazers around the world.
While the experience on the Waze app should be the same for all users, the back end works a little different - based on your country - and therefore when you're editing Gas Stations, you'll notice a different behavior in Different countries.

Not familiar with this feature and want to see how it works on the app itself? See our wiki article here.
The purpose of this post is to explain where we stand in the matter of adding new gas stations, and updating gas prices.

Adding a new gas station vs. Adding a new landmark:

The list of gas stations you see when searching for Gas stations near your location comes from a special list of Gas Stations, and not from the general list of landmarks.
Adding new stations to this list depends on the country you're in.

In the US:
* Waze has a full set of Gas Stations, and at the moment we're not able to update stations on this list.
* Adding a new landmark of Gas station type will NOT add the station to the list. It will add it to the map, and if you enter a name, you will be able to search and navigate to it - just like any other landmark - but won't be able to update prices.
* We currently don't have the Gas prices feature available in Canada.

In all other countries of the world:
* We have added Gas / Petrol brands based on your feedback so far, so when you add a gas station landmark in your country, you should see an option to choose a BRAND.
* No Brand choice in the ediotr? Contact us and send us the full list of brands in your country. See this part of the wiki article for more info on what we need in order to add it.
* Once you update the gas station, it will be added to our lists, and once your country has the gas price feature (see below), you will be able to update the price for that country.
* Keep on updating more gas stations - you're making great progress (see this blog post by Edon for more details).
* Once we feel a country has good coverage of gas stations, we will enable the gas prices feature in that country (see below).
* Waze is also checking various options to have a full list provided and updated to the system (as we did in the US). Once we have these lists, we will integrate them with all the gas stations you've entered. You will also notice new gas station landmarks will be added where they were missing. In other countries (outside the US), you will be able to edit gas stations even if they are imported.

In any way, your work on the gas stations now will not be lost - so for those who have already started mapping gas stations, keep up the good work!


Updating Gas Prices:

In the US:
* We get new prices update automatically once a day, but we still rely on the community to keep them updated, as gas prices change frequently.

In all other countries of the world:

* In most countries the gas price feature isn't available yet, as we're waiting to have a good coverage of the gas stations before starting the service.
* We will slowly add this feature to more and more countries as we feel the coverage there is sufficient. As mentioned before, we're working on adding a full list of gas stations to a few countries, and hopefully we will have the gas price feature in your country in the near future too!
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Gas prices feature start in new country

Postby artuuras » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:52 am

Artuuras wrote:Gas prices feature finally started in Lithuania today. First try - first disappointment. Client says:
Sorry, but the prices you entered don't seem to be valid.
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petervdveen wrote:Try the inputs 1 by 1.
First 95, then 98, than diesel and then LPG.
Maybe you'll find the corrupt one then.

I tried. about 5 times it didn't help and you know what? I got my first gas price points for accidentally entered prices N/A N/A N/A and, you will not believe, N/A :idea:
I continued to enter various prices and it was may be 21st try and - success :D Since that moment Waze said nothing about validity of prices.
I guess Waze has some average prices, and at the starting point they are 0,00 , so
deeggo wrote:It seems it always goes better after a couple of days.

I'm not sure, but my point is: why to wait? just try and try (and try) :geek: and you will take your success :mrgreen:
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