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Deploying GPS points fix for ROW & NA

Post by delilush
Hi Everyone,

Giving you a quick heads up that we are releasing fixes to the GPS points layer to ROW & NA tomorrow (if everything runs on schedule).

This is a major fix to how GPS points are visualized on the map. Many of you reported missing GPS points over the past months (or even years) in certain areas. In the past we patched the issue in affected areas. The fix we are deploying tomorrow, solves the issue at the root cause.

We already released the fix to the IL community and received some feedback on increased GPS point noise on the map. We are investigating how to reduce this noise and will work on reducing it as a next step.

Feel free to share your feedback with us. I'll update here when the fix goes live.

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Post by jkl5
Great news

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Post by maalrivba
The community has seen a big reduction of GPS points in Mexico this month compared to previous dates. Is this issue related to the new fix?

We have several examples where we used to see a lots of GPS points but currently we are lucky if we have them in main roads.

A couple of examples are these and these, but the problem appears to be in a lot of cities.
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Post by maiapas
¡Hola Manuel!

Thank you for reporting this.

I opened an internal bug. I might reach out for further information if that´s ok.

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