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The New Forum is going LIVE on June 8th!

Post by shirapashu
Hey All,

I’m happy to update you that we're officially kicking off the revamped forum on June 8th!

What's happening on June 8th?

:arrow: The forum will be in “Read-only” mode for ~12 hours from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (IL TIme).

:arrow: After that, the old forum will be replaced by the new forum, and the link will lead to the new forum.

:arrow: The old version of the forum will not be available anymore, and of course, all the data will be backed up.

:arrow: After we’ve moved to the new forum, I'll post an announcement to let you know where you can continue to raise bugs and feature requests.

** As part of the improvements that we are making to the forum infrastructure, there will be an impact on the forum private messages:

We will only be able to preserve PMs from the last 12 months. If you want to keep your PMs older than a year please EXPORT them before June 8th, 2021 from the old forum.

You can export your PMs by:
:arrow: Navigating to your Forum Inbox (User Control Panel > Private Messages)
:arrow: Scrolling all the way to the bottom
:arrow: On the bottom left side you can use the "Export this view" function. Please note that you will need to export every page (or every "view") of your PMs separately

We know that your PMs are important to you and we are sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us.
Without your active participation and valuable feedback, this would not have been possible. We deeply appreciate the time and effort you’ve all put into it.

At the end of this long journey, we're delighted to share with you a forum which has been designed especially for you to collaborate and stay connected with each other.

** Feel free to share the news with your local community, in case someone will miss this post.

All the best,

Shira, on behalf of the Communities Team
Waze Team
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