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Post by briannamagic
When you search "bubble" on Waze, a suggestion comes up for "bubble tea stores" which then shows you the bubble tea places near you, but when you add a new business on WME, "bubble tea store" isn't an option for categories. So, how do I let Waze know that a place is in fact a bubble tea place? A new bubble tea store opened and I added it to the map along with all the information, but I want it to pop up with the other bubble tea places when I search for "bubble tea stores". How do I do that?
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Post by spedracr
Have a few follow-up questions to better understand your request so we can provide a proper response. So is Bubble Tea store a store that is named Bubble Tea and sales tea and I would imagine other things? Or is Bubble Tea a brand of tea and you are trying to update a different location has having the Bubble Tea brand as a drink option? If it is a store that is named Bubble tea could you provide the location of the one you added?

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