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Colchester, Essex Unlock request

Post by LawrenceAldren
Hi Editors,

I would like to be able to edit the following segment(s).
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Permalink: ... s=60469552
Reason: I am an ex student at the university. i know it well. I would like to add in the remaining parking roads and walking paths not added.
Unlock to level:

Thank you in advance,

Post by woodvale
I've downlocked that segment to L1. 

It would be helpful to have separate venues/place markers for individual sites on the campus, although if those on Google Maps are accurate, that should be sufficient. Footpaths are not recommended to be added to the map unless they're the only way to get to an address/venue. Waze is a navigation app rather than a mapping one, so footpaths not used for navigation are just additional confusion on already tight screen space. There is also no need to add every lane in car parks (eg the one off Park Rd) - see Places/Car Parks - Wazeopedia.

Have fun!
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