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August 2021 Top Localizers!

Post by Ottolenga
Hi all,

I am happy to announce our August 2021 top Localizers!   :D

According to the language separation we have the top 3 per group.

Top 5 langs - French, Spanish Latam and ES, Portuguese BR and Hebrew
Remaining 8 - Indonesian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Malay and Czech
Rest of langs - Any other language that was not mentioned in the list above

We had a total of  96,012 actions (including translations, edits and reviews). Great job guys!!! THANK YOU

Congrats to our top Localizers!!!!! Keep rocking it! (ops...translating it images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif )


If you are not in our discord group use this link to enter and receive updates about our localization community
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Post by fuchserl
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Post by dewitg
Don't​ possibly to see
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Post by nickyaug
Hi all, we fixed the image, should be working now. Sorry for that.
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Post by paulogustavoPI
Yay! What an honor to be in this group!  :mrgreen:
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