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My name is Scott been using waze and the editor for a year now, I do trades but have been using and doing different things on computers for the last 30 years.

I've been doing new roads and fixing up different suburbs and at times eat cookies and while using the app drive the roads to check the roads, they are correct with turns and placement etc.

A question why the sudden interest in the Australian Waze area?
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Hi I'm John (Casper,whtghost)
From West Melbourne Hoppers Crossing
Joined about a month ago and have been adding new suburban streets as much as possible.
Love the concept of live road alerts from other wazers and can see it will only get better.
Also Love Geocaching when I get the time and a lot of Tiki touring
See you all out there stay safe have fun :)
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Hi I'm Yochanan Gordon I run the Jewish community center in Tasmania and travel approximately 1000Km each week. I've been driving using waze for a little over a year and many areas of Tasmania are difficult to map simply because there's no reception or not a good gps signal in many rural areas.

Although I don't have a lot of time to edit I do try to fix the many issues with roads that don't exist and incorrect intersections.
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Post by Vh0xus
jberkers42 wrote:Hi Vh0xus,

Welcome from me also. I am an IT Security guy, based in Melbourne. I have also contributed to OSM, and still do. The two maps serve quite different purposes.

Feel free to reach out to the community if you need any help. And like with OSM, the wiki provides lots of guidance on how to map for Waze.


Hey John,

Thanks for the welcome. Ah good to see a fellow OSM mapper here. Thanks for the advise, I have been reading the wiki quite a lot as well.


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Post by Wozza1958
G'day! I'm new to Waze but enjoying the ability to improve the mapping in my local area. Live in Hamilton, SW Victoria the only drawback being there are few (if any) L2 editors in the area. Looking forward to working my way through the the businesses in the area.

Cheers, Wozza
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Hi all,

My name is Tony and I'm an Electronics Engineer. I am new here. Regards
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Gday I'm Ollie,

Have been using Waze for some time now over 50k kms. Engineering Draftsman & Technical Officer by trade, but currently work in a Safety & Learning & Development role. I use Waze as my primary mapping app in all of my travel around Sydney (including surrounds, Blue Mountains, Wiseman's Ferry up to Gosford) & around Canberra (living just outside the border on the North side).

I love the user centric data that Waze displays & have started utilising the map editor as a way of giving back & improving some of the data in rural and regional areas around me. I am currently also studying Emergency Management where having the correct geospatial information in a timely manner can be crucial for decision making. I also volunteer with both the Rural Fire Service & State Emergency Service where Waze is a godsend for getting to incidents via faster routes.

Cheers :)
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Hello All,

I'm Sherdz, I have lived in Warwick in Country Queensland all my life of 40+ years and I travel over the great dividing range to Ipswich for work as an IT & systems manager at a large company, so hazard reporting is a big plus for me.
Part of my day job is developing/writing custom software, so I have an appetite for good community driven software like Waze.
I've been a loyal Wazer for some time - clocking up close to 100,000km and over 300,000 points, I won't use any other nav app unless desperate  :)
I have noticed a few errors and missing roads around our local area so decided to become an editor to help make Waze even better.
I have spent some time reading up on the various sources but there is a lot to absorb, so will appreciate any help along the way.
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