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Welcome to Waze Brunei!

Post by CoolCityCat
Selamat Datang ke Waze Brunei!

Hi! I am CoolCityCat, your Waze Community Booster for Brunei.

This subforum is created as a starting platform to address map issues in Brunei Darussalam, and to help grow and nurture the Bruneian Wazer community, especially the local map editors.

If you wish to request assistance with any map issues in Brunei, just post a new topic and we will try our best to assist. You may post your topic in either English or Malay language, but I may not be fluent in the actual Bruneian dialect  :D

We are still working out the local guidelines, but if you need a general reference, you can always go the Global Wazeopedia.

If you are a Bruneian local, and wish to actively take part in maintaining the Waze map of Brunei, you can contact me via Private Message (PM) and we will get you started with the map editing basics.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and help improve the Brunei Map further.

Thank you.
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