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Route stops

Post by garyb36350
When making long drives we like to stop after 8 hours and get a room and dinner, then leave in the morning.  If its a route of 14 hours 'driving time' we know that we will be adding 2-3 hours for gas stops, bathroom breaks, snacks, etc.  Would it be possible to add in "hours driven' markers along the route?  I can then look for the 6 hour or 7 hour marker and search for a hotel in that location (give or take some time as needed).  Now, when I am picking a city along the route - I enlarge it until I find an off ramp with business's nearby and get the address for that location.  I then reset my map to be to that location.  If it says 4 hours to there, I then go back to the original destination map and then pick a stop farther along the route and start the process all over again.  When I finally get to approximately where I want to stop, I will look up 3 places to stay [I get address, phone number & rates, etc].  I also do the same for 1 hour further, and 2 hours further in case we feel like we are ok to be able to drive longer.  

The "hour markers" that I envision would be similar to the distance markers that used to be on paper maps many years ago to help plan the drives.  I will now spend 1-2 hours planning my routes out.  That would save a tremendous amount of time.