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Junction boxes unlocked to level 3

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ℹ️ 📢 Junction boxes are having an increasingly larger role in our new mapping standards, and it keeps growing. Recently we've even gotten JBs on roundabouts to control voice prompts. We also know more work is planned to make them more accessible and less restrictive to use. The Local Champs are therefore announcing that Junction Boxes have been reduced to Level 3 in Australia as a part of a trial. To the best of my knowledge, we are leading the way in making JBs more accessible to our editors.

Please look at our new JB wiki page (it has lots of pictures) and make an effort to look for new places JBs can be added to your part of the country to improve routing: ... tion_boxes

We also highly recommend the USA wiki, which goes into detail on how they work:

JBs may seem scary, but they add so much value to the map when used correctly. They're also quite damaging if they're deleted without consideration for settings applied to routes within. Turn instructions for example can be wiped out across an entire intersection, for example, if they're applied to the JB and it is deleted. Please engage your State Managers and senior editors, ask questions, and help take our map to the next level.

Happy mapping! 🙂
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