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Technology has allowed people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds to join together as a close-knit community with a common goal, so many of us who have never met in person still feel a certain kinship. I'm proud to be a member of such a great community, and sad whenever we lose our leaders. Iainhouse, your legacy will live on.
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Dear Iainhouse, 

I am very sorry to hear about your illness. 

I had the pleasure of meeting you online not so long ago while we spoke about scripts :) I was amazed by your knowledge and passion when you spoke about the WME and the future of it. You were so thorough with your explanations and I learned a lot with you.  

I only have words of appreciation for everything you do for the community. It is inspiring to see how you've helped everyone for so many years. 

Thank you for everything, 

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Iain my friend,

These news hit harder than you can imagine. You might not know this or fully understand this, but your contribution to Waze and the Community is immense, and it's more than most people will accomplish in their lives.
More than 2 million (!!!) map edits, have affected probably millions of lives. From parents driving their kids to school, to saving lives during a crisis.
The everyday users will never know it was you who made sure they'll arrive at their destination, every time.

Back in my community management days I remember entire staff meetings revolving around Iainhouse's latest post or email.
You were a big part of the every day work to build a better product, and creating the best community in the world.
Your "rants" (while sometimes too long to read :)) were often a good reminder that we're in this together and that we all care deeply for the community and users.

It was a pleasure to meet you Sir, thank you for the years you've dedicated and everything you've done!

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Post by Machete808
I have read so many of your posts over the years and am so saddened by this news. Thank you for all that you have shared, which will continue as part of this community's legacy. I wish I could have seen you in that Hawaiian shirt! Perhaps I can find a photo someplace....

Aloha nui loa.
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Dear Iain,
I so wish we would be meeting for the first time under vastly different circumstances. I was saddened to hear the news of your illness and wanted to express my deepest sympathies. I have heard so much about your meaningful contribution to Waze over the years, and want to share with you my endless appreciation for all that you do as a Global Champ.
When I joined Waze a few months ago, one of the most exciting aspects to me was the strength of our community. This is exemplified in leaders like you, who share their thoughts and feedback openly in an effort to improve our service to users around the world. Your contribution to this global movement exemplifies how the power of the community can truly change the way we move through the world every day.

You have given us the most valuable thing one can give: your time. Please know you have made a substantial impact to our team, your community and Waze users the world over.   
A heartfelt thank you,

PS- It sounds like whenever and wherever in the world our next Global Champs meetup is, we should definitely all be wearing a Hawaiian shirt to welcome you back to the room with us! I look forward to it. 

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Post by LostInMyMaps
Oh, Iain. It was very difficult, and I was deeply saddened, to read your message in the GC chat the other day. You have been on my mind the past few days. Your sad news has shaken us Wazers, even those of us on the other side of the world.

On behalf of the Australian editing community, not only do I thank you for your contributions towards Waze, editing and our global community, but thank you for sharing this incredibly personal and vulnerable moment with us all. It means a lot that you included us.

Your name will forever be held on segments you created, your posts will always be here for us to read and reflect upon, and we will still joke and laugh about one time you did one thing or another. Our global community grieves, and I know your local community will too.

We wish you and your family peace and strength during this challenging time. You will all continue to be on our minds.
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Post by Mikepedia

Thank you for all you've done for the community. As you said, there are no words, so I'll simply leave it at this; my thoughts are with you and your family. While I've never interacted directly with you, I've seen your posts and used your scripts, and your legacy will be remembered here. Thank you.

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Post by manoeuvre

It takes a lot to recognize that your friends and peers will be at a loss of words to such devastating news.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you in person.

Your contribution and interactions with the community will be forever.

On behalf of the Canadian Community, I would like to thank you and wish that you're at peace.
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Post by mousepl
Sad to hear, i hope you will move forward! :) All the best to you!
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