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No longer receiving a weekly report

Post by Yeahnanayeah
I’ve done a big week of driving, and have been waiting for my report. I usually receive these Friday afternoon my time, which has now long passed. It appears the last weekly report in my inbox is from September. Have reports been disabled? If not, any idea what has happened with mine?

Is there any other way to see a detailed summary of the reports that I’ve made over the previous week?
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Post by Mvan231
I just recently started receiving them again
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Post by G_W1Z
I receive weekly and monthly reports.
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Post by AeRoBianCo
Feed URs reports are currently active.
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Post by madmax007xxx
I have not had a weekly report for over a month just stopped dont know why??
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Post by CleitonCasarotto
madmax007xxx wrote: Thu Oct 14, 2021 8:34 pm I have not had a weekly report for over a month just stopped dont know why??

I've not been receiving too
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