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Just.... wow.  I'm completely stunned by this news. :(
I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said here.  But you've made an incredible impact on the Waze editing community as a whole with your scripts and support (and I hope whoever takes over mentor-ship of those scripts does as good a job with them as you did).

Thank you for everything you've done.  You'll be sorely missed by an awful lot of us.
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Dear Iainhouse,

For almost a decade you have been a Waze Global Champ.

From your famous "Communication" post, to your scripts which changed the way thousands of editors use the WME, to your 11K+ posts - it’s no wonder that you are one of the most thanked Wazers on the forum 8-)

We were all struck and saddened by the news of your illness and count ourselves lucky to have gotten the chance to meet you at so many meetups over the years. 

It is with our deepest gratitude that we share with you our well-wishes and are here to offer any support we can.

Thank you for everything you’ve done and are still doing for the community.

You are a true Waze Champion and having you as part of the community has changed us all for the better. 

With great love and appreciation,

Shira on behalf of the Waze Communities Team

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Thank you Iain once again.

You made a huge impact to our Waze experience.

Always enjoyed to express our frustrations together in Waze meetups and "wake" Waze staff up :)

Thanks again,
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Post by tcalvert317

First and foremost I want you to know that you will be prayed for from San Antonio, Texas. Of course I pray for a complete healing, while also knowing that complete healings only exist on the other side of eternity. Second, I have been blessed by engaging in the Waze community. To me, map editing is a way to love people by helping them go about their daily lives in a less stressful and life giving way. Personally, I have received so much from people in the community, which I am so grateful for. I have walked a very difficult path for almost ten years now, and your messages have deeply touched me at the culmination of a very difficult time. Your grateful, appreciate heart is evident throughout your posts. It sounds like you have lived not a perfect life, but one that has most certainly been full, while projecting hope to struggle for what is right and meaningful, and makes a difference for good. Especially in context of how much pain and suffering exists in our world, and even in our homes, I am inspired by your story to continue to hope in the face the darkest and most terrify events we all must face. I don't think I will ever look at this community the same after reading your posts. Thank you so much!!!

May God bless you, from a kindred spirit who just wants to make whatever corner of the world he touches a little more full of light, hope, and left better than when he arrived.

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Post by TerritoryKate

I started editing at around the same time as you when I lived in the UK (back when I was K80POO).  I remember very early on that you helped this very eager but awful map editor to gain some skills.  It was a shock to read this post, however I have also been on the end of a cancer diagnosis and know the peace you get when you work through it after the initial "Oh Sh!t" first thought.

I thought I would say thank you for being open and honest.  Often people hide away, not wanting to upset others and hiding these hard topics away.  We all die at some point, some know how long or how, some don't, but eventually we all do.  My mission was to spread awareness and get people to "get the girls checked" but breast cancer is a very different beast, and I hope that your honest post can inspire others to get checked out too, whatever those niggling thoughts tell them that something is going on.

Good luck in the coming weeks.  It sounds like you have made your peace.  You have made your mark on the Waze community over the years and I hope the coming weeks are kind to you and you have a great team around you and your family.

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I want to thank you for your post, which I'm sure was difficult to write. The Waze community around the world thanks you for your contributions. Although we never met, there is a connection we share having been a part of the same community. I hope that you find comfort knowing that lived your life with no regrets. You don't know the full impact of how your life influenced others.  I pray that you have peace as you take this final journey.
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Post by Vespucci41
Hi Iain, 

Those are truly heart breaking news.

I would like to personally thank you for you huge contribution to Waze,
Over the time you have succeeded to have an incredible impact and inspire change through leadership.

Sometimes we forget how lucky and privileged we are  to work, on a daily basis, with community members like you.
The Waze family is and will be always here for you, may your journey be filled with love and peace.   
Thank you, 

Ps: I will make sure the team will save as much as possible real estate and clicks in WME.  :D
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Post by TheBarracuda
Hello Iain,

Barak from Waze SRE team here.

I've been reading through your farewell thread and while saddened, I take comfort in knowing that you led very meaningful life, impacted so many and did so much for the greater good.

Your written words reflect a very strong personality and I admire your courage. 

Wishing you all the best, in this world and beyond, 
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Post by shaipalNinja
Dear Iain,

Shai from the UX team,

We don't know each other, but your words touched me deeply. I take pride in working for a company that is thriving based on an outstanding community with superstars like you. 

I take comfort in knowing that you led very meaningful life and send a strong hug from Tel Aviv ❤️
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Post by SuperDave1426
A sad day for us all, truly. :cry:  My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
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