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Post by Myslivecek21
Hi, what can I do to be able to log in to the map editor again?
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Post by jarkaz
Just log in, just like to a forum or application.
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Post by ministerioSV

is there any possibility to scale up faster in waze editor because it is a government entity?
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Post by proffa71
ministerioSV wrote: Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:50 pm hi

is there any possibility to scale up faster in waze editor because it is a government entity?


Cities and government agencies can apply to join in Waze for Cities program, you can find more info here
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Oletko jo käynyt Waze Finlandin Discordissa, rennompaa jutustelua ja muihin editoreihin tutustumista: https://discord.gg/GnqERGJUpB


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Post by world_x3p5ynrk
Our office change our address to better location. How to change to new addres?

Our parcels keep on delivering on the old address.
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