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RIP Iainhouse...
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Rest In Peace Iain
My deepest condolences to the family 
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Even though this was expected, it doesn't make it any bit easier to read these news.

Farewell Iain.
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Poor Iain. Rest in Peace. We will remember you!
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Post by RobbinRunner
Hello everyone in the Waze community. 

Iain's family have been reading over all the kind messages and supportive words from this community and it has brought us much comfort to see how Iain impacted so many people's lives. Thank you to Chris for making this post to inform everyone here, Iain's loved ones have been coming together to support eachother and his four sons especially. 

Our dad has always had an affinity for technology and an inquisitive mind, he liked to commit to whatever he was doing if it was travelling, work, computer restoration, or map editing. Iain told me when he was a boy he went to buy a computer which could come assembled or in pieces, he insisted on assembling the device himself even though only the pre-made one was available. We grew up with stories of his time riding round the world with a motorcycle club, and in recent years we've seen him go far and wide for Waze global conferences. 

His boys remember collecting point candy's after Iain did an afternoon of map editing, all the routes we drove on holidays dad would later go back over and edit. A user in this forum described Iain drawing the solution to a round-about issue on a napkin, this is an amusing experience we've all shared with him where he'll draw small diagrams to explain a concept to us. 

The support and and positivity from this community has been wonderful to see, it has brought us all some comfort and happiness to see how diverse Iain's life was. In the coming weeks we will be announcing what is called a sitting shiva, it is a Jewish tradition of mourning for seven days where people who knew the deceased can discuss their loss and collectively mourn and remember Iain. There will be a zoom link and a date announced shortly.

Once again thank you everyone here who has expressed their sympathies and kindness, we will miss Iain very much but are touched to know he's had such a rich and fulfilling life.

- Tom
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R.I.P Iainhouse 21/10/21 <3

Post by shirapashu
Such sad news about Iain.

His spirit and contribution will stay with us forever.

As we knew Iain loved the forum and had written thousands of posts throughout the years, we created for him a special forum badge.

Unfortunately he didn't get the opportunity to use it anymore.

Anyone who wants to use it to remember him and his community spirit in their signature is welcome.

We love you Iain.

Shira on behalf of the Communities Team
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R.I.P Iain
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Post by vince1612
Thanks a lot for the update Chris!

The tribute page seems to be down for me.
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