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Low railroad overpass - can something like this be incorporated into Waze?

Post by SteveLukasiewski
Greetings - I live in Stafford Virginia and being a DC "suburb" along the I-95 corridor - we have daily backups/congestion. I believe Stafford made #1 on someone's worst traffic survey. When vehicles are redirected by GPS - they are sent down a road locally that has a 9'2" clearance under a Norfolk Southern Railroad line. Occasionally, we have an occasional bridge strike - but lately - with all the I-95 construction, some trucks are attempting to go under the bridge - and 2 within the last week hit the overpass, which was closed each day following the accidents for an inspection.
Although there are ample traffic control devices warning of the low bridge - people go where the GPS takes them and WHAM. I know there's tone I get when approaching Railroad tracks - but nothing when you go UNDER them, especially those with low clearances. Perhaps there is a way Waze could show this hazard? Who knows, just trying to be a good citizen.
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Post by orbitc
There were many requests like this brought up before multiple times in various settings. Waze will not be able to warn truck or bus drivers on low bridges or let drivers know how high or low they are. One of the reasons is that Waze doesn't support commercial use.

The other reason are:
- The multiple height variations. 
- multiple or inaccurate info from many sources.
- possible lawsuits due to inaccurate data.  

Personally, drivers should be able to follow posted signs and other posted warnings. Professional drivers are expected to follow all traffic laws and be able to rely on their training and experience. 
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