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Post by Zm0gis
Would like to use voice commands, like others said - it's safer. But i'm from Lithuania, and somehow, voice commands appears in russian language (wtf). This auto selection is crappy atm. At least give us manual pick. So we can choose which language we can hear, at least give a default - english for everyone in Europe. Like Waze says - stay safe, voice commands is the thing which makes driving safer. Imagine driving on icy road at night. And reporting about object on the road, without letting your steering wheel away. It could save your life and others too. We need it, please.

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Post by WillyR007
I would like to tell you something I discovered when I started using Waze. I think it maybe applies to all countries except US. That's why I post it in this forum.

In the beginning, voice commands didn't work, Waze only recognized "Casa" or "Trabajo" (for Home or Work).

After a lot of trying I discovered the reason. Outside US, Google Now suggests you to have multilanguage option selected, to be able to activate 'Ok, Google' in all the screens. So did I by selecting US English as main language and Spanish language as second language. In some way, selecting several languages there makes Waze voice commands not working.

The way to solve it is selecting only one language for Google Now, and it has to match the language it is selected in Waze (I have checked this also). I have Spanish, and only Spanish, as my language in Google Now, and the same in Waze. This way, voice commands work perfectly in my Android phone.
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Post by YorkieJaz
Not working on
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Post by WazinBruce
vince1612 wrote:Staff is already working on a new voice commands system. The one you are describing and having problems with should be entirely replaced at some point. There is currently no ETA but they are already making progress on the new one.
that's good to hear, it can't come soon enough [emoji854]

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Post by world_kqogr8ar
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:The Wiki does have a list of voice commands, but it's not complete nor does it give any tips or list the problems. I compiled this list from usage. There may be many commands I haven't found yet.

List updated January 31, 2013.
  • Drive, navigate, take, go
    • Home
    • Work
    • Office
  • Stop navigating, stop navigation
  • Cancel (exits without sending report/action)
  • Exit/turn off Waze {Currently not operating on iOS since moving to Apple-required Sleep Only option}
    • Shut down
    • Turn off
    • Stop waze
    • Switch off
    • Close app
  • Back (when in a sub-menu for reporting, goes up a menu level)
  • Report, send, saw, noticed, spotted, found, there is (often not necessary)
    • Hazard, danger (mostly unnecessary)
      • On Road
        • Object
        • Pot hole
        • Roadkill
        • Closed Lane
        • Oil
        • Ice
        • Construction
        • Car, vehicle
      • On Shoulder
        • Car, vehicle
        • Animals
        • Missing Sign
      • Weather
        • Fog, foggy
        • Hail
        • Snow
        • Flood
        • Monsoon
        • Tornado
        • Heat wave
        • Hurricane
        • Freezing rain
    • Traffic, jam
      • Moderate
      • Heavy
      • Standstill
    • Police, policeman
    • Accident
      • Minor
      • Major
    • Camera, speed trap
      • Speed
      • Fake, dummy
      • Red light, light
Alert Commands
  • Thanks
  • Not there, gone, false
  • Hide, close, dismiss
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