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These forums are specific to the Waze mobile app. Post here if you experienced a problem while using the app, have a question about the app functionality or a feature such as navigation or search.
Post by Pavan_W
My Facebook friends are back now.

When I first got this problem I didn't have a regular waze account. I just logged on via the Facebook account.

What I did was the following:
- Created a waze account
- Uninstalled the Waze app
- Reinstalled waze app
- Logged on with the Waze account (instead of using Facebook account)
- Settings ---> Social ---> Facebook Connected to Facebook

Unfortunately this didn't do the trick. Still no Facebook friends...

Now I logged on to "my Dashboard" via the web. Then I filled in extra information that I skipped when I created the account (year of birthand and date of birth).
Clicked "update" to save the information. Previously I had only tried to update the information (without first editing it).

Viola! After a few minutes my Facebook friends where back!

Maybe it had been enough just to update my personal information and save it. If you have this problem I would start there (instead of reinstalling the app).
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Post by Ramuvr
I have the same problem, and uninstalling, disconnecting from fb and then reinstalling and logging in with FB or account doesnt help. Its a bit dissapointing.
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Post by RooikatTV_YouTube
Pavan_W, I've tried your advice, updating my info on the Web didn't help. Is there any solution found?

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Gerald Snyman
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Post by rustyhavoc
Jrmorgan123 wrote:Same problem here. I'm using the latest Android version. I've tried removing the Waze app from Facebook, disconnecting and reconnecting to Facebook. No change.
Same, except I'm using latest iOS.
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Post by tezzlicious
A lot of people have this problem. Seems there are no solutions yet.
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Post by Timecut
Same problem here. Can anyone look into this??
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Post by usa_ppm46hai
I am also having the same issue. Up until just a few days ago I've been using the app just fine seeing my friends and what not then suddenly I can't see any of my FB friends and they report they can't see me. I've tried reinstalling it. Uninstalling the app, resetting permissions, logging out. Nothing works. I've also tried to "update" the dashboard as I read in the help section but that didn't work either. Anyone know how to figure this out please post!

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