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Discussion for the unofficial, community-developed addons, extensions and scripts built for the Waze Map Editor.

The official index of these tools is the Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools wiki page.
Post by samighaffari
I write a script with google speardsheet .
But when your script is on use your session and make an error with my script .
what can we do for this problem ?
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Post by sh-oded
URC-E is not loaded for me in WME-beta
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Post by shmupi
Something is broken on the Waze side
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Post by sketch
For $SELSEGS$ (including with city), for the time being, you can use the shortcut button in the UR panel (that's what I usually do anyway). I can confirm that pre-selecting segments then opening the UR doesn't work at the moment.
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ALL US EDITORS READ: New USA road type guidance
the guidance linked above is now almost a decade old, but the link gives me a laugh every time i see it, so it stays (:
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Post by tcalvert317
I do like the new filter too. I'm not sure what happened to mine when it updated, but I had to reinstall it for it to work. It's working great now.

I appreciate all of the effort you have placed into making this script work.


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Post by tenetienne
In case anyone is wondering why they may be missing the UR # at the top of their UR, if they are using WME Fix UI Memorial Edition - v1.6.257, the most likely cause is one of the options there.

It can be suppressed when the option below is selected in WME FU ME.

Without that option
With that option enabled.

I appreciate all the work you do with keeping this script current.
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Post by tenetienne
Twister-UK Sat Feb 26, 2022 6:44 am
That's by design, because natively WME doesn't show anything of use in that part of the report dialogue - you already know it's a UR you're dealing with - so it seemed like a no brainer to hide it and free up the space for stuff an editor would want to know about.

if someone can explain why losing the UR ID from *this* part of the WME UI is a problem, given that it's still made available elsewhere (such as in the UR popup that URCE also provides), I'll consider adding an exemption to this part of the compression code for URCE users.
I let him know I'm fine with it. I just found it easier to use the # that way instead of copying it from the UR before I opened it.
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