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Longcross, Surrey Map update request 5+

Post by MajorJed
Hi Editors,

I'll appreciate your help with a map update.

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Reason: This has now returned to a 70mph speed limit and therefore needs updating

Thank you in advance,
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Post by ditchi56
Yep! Must have been doing it about the time you raised this request.

It was my error in the first place; I responded to a UR saying it was down to 50 for roadworks without checking carefully enough. Although I thought I found a Highways England (or whatever they are now) posting on saying there would be a reduced speed limit.

There was certainly no sign of roadworks or speed limits (beyond the permanent one at the M25 junction) when I drove the road yesterday.

Anyway, it's now back to 70 on WME, although there will be the usual delay before the change goes live - most likely sometime tonight.
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Post by Twister-UK
Looks like another editor has already dealt with this.
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