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Changes to the Waze Product/UX Leadership Team

Post by hila-beta
Greetings dear community members, 

Earlier this year, we introduced you to our new Chief Product Officer (CPO), Steph Hannon. From day one, Steph brought a re-energized excitement to Waze and was vocal in her admiration and support of you, our dedicated community. 

Since joining Waze, Steph has made great efforts to incorporate your feedback into our Product Development, in partnership with Neha, Gai and the rest of our Leadership Team. Jointly, our Waze leadership have helped to refocus our efforts on what would make the biggest impact for you and our many millions of users - like EV, in-car, more real-time data, and safety - and this foundational work has set us up well for the future. We’re so excited to continue making progress with you in these areas! 

After making such a deeply felt impact, it’s with a heavy heart that we need to inform you that, due to personal health reasons, Steph will be stepping away from her Chief Product Officer role at Waze. If you’d like to wish Steph well and a speedy recovery, please do so below in the comments. We’ll be sharing your responses with her, and we’re sure she’ll love hearing from you. 

As we work to bring on an exceptional new Product leader for Waze, both our broader Product team and our Waze leadership team will continue to take forward the work we have embarked on in 2022. We’re also very excited to share our updated Purpose and Strategy for 2023 with all of you soon. 

Thank you for your continued support; without this Community, there could be no Waze. And please join me in thanking Steph and wishing her all the best. 

With appreciation, 
Hila, on behalf of the Waze Team
Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by alexs001
Steph, it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your excitement for Waze and our community. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and I hope our paths cross again in the future!
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Post by banished
Steph, I never had the pleasure of meeting you personally, only through your great work.  I trust whatever it is you're dealing with, it can be resolved quickly.

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Post by domesticwolf12345
Do you really need help in finding this team? Sometimes projects can be big enough to be handled by one person or a small team. So this is just a suggestion, but maybe you would like to add a dedicated development team to yours? Like outsource the whole or part of the project? In my case it always worked.
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Post by EloheiYishi
Thank you, Hila and big thank you to Stephanie for all her hard work and great ideas, and especially for the spirit she brought to the team! I was excited when she first introduced herself and shared her vision, but I am amazed what your whole Waze production team did and is doing with WME and the application. I am sure what Stephanie initiated and inspired will continue to surface for the benefit of all in the upcoming years (at least).

So, Steph, may God bless you and give you health and strength and then exciting new endeavors! And why not some more exciting time with Waze. :)

With warm regards and love,
Elohei Yishi
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Post by fuji2086
I really enjoyed meeting you in San Francisco and was excited to see what improvements were ahead. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

From Best Virginia,
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Post by jm6087

Thanks for what you provided Waze during your time with the company.   It was a great pleasure to meet you in San Francisco this year.  Here's wishing you a speedy recovery from all of the NA editing community.
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Post by JoeRodriguez12

Thank you for all you’ve done for Waze! It was a pleasure to meet you and see the enthusiasm you had for Waze. I hope you have a speedy recovery and good health! 

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Post by ldriveskier

I enjoyed meeting you in San Francisco and you were so fun to talk to. I wish you the best for your future.

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Post by Mikepedia

It was a joy meeting you and talking with you at the San Francisco meetup. I wish you the best in recovering! I do hope we will get to still see you around.
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