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[Script] WME Stroopwafel

Post by wmestroopwafel

Welcome to WME Stroopwafel (1.6)

Do you ever find yourself visiting the same spot you just edited?
Do you ever think: I wish there was a more structured way to edit a larger area?
Do you ever wonder during a mapraid: did we get the whole area?
Do you ever want to know if this new feature (hello Lane Guidance!) was applied everywhere?

Stroopwafel can be your solution.What does it do? It places a grid on the map. You fill the grid with data about what you checked or edited.

In the Stroopwafel tab you can tick the aspect(s) you want to view or edit in a cell or cells. This data is stored in a central database. This way you can collaborate in indicating where the map was updated, or work through an area in a more structured way.

Satellite images aligned with GPS tracks
Make sure the satellite images are aligned with the GPS tracks. If necessary, use an aerial shifter like in Fix UI
Was every road in the cell drawn (according to GPS tracks)?
Were all streetnames applied to the roads in the cell, according to official sources?
Are the names of the cities applied to all relevant roads?
Speed Limits
Does every road have a speedlimit? If unknown, fill with a relevant speedlimit.
Area places should be drawn because they can be used as reference point.
Water and Forests are relevant as reference point.
House Numbers
Did every building in the cell get a house number?
Lane Guidance
Did you check every road in the cell to see if it needs LG?
Is the cell complete regarding camera’s and RRC’s?
Road Shields
Did you check every road in the cell to see if it needs a Road Shield?
Exit Signs
Did every mH/MH/FW exit in the cell get an Exit Sign?
Junction Boxes
Have you checked the junctions in the cell to see if it can be improved by using a JB?
Reverse Connections/Dead-End Loops/Unterminated Roads/Unconfirmed Turns/Expired Restrictions
Only check this aspect if there is none of the above aspects in the cell. With this aspect ticked, none of the other aspects can be used. The cell will turn blank in every view.

Which data is stored? Together with the above aspects we log the name of the last editor, the date and the time.

Because there is a central database, we want to avoid abuse. We have taken a three step approach to achieve this.
1.We authorize every user. After installing the script, you can ask for your unique key. The key will be sent to you in the Waze forum by wmestroopwafel. You can enter that key in every instance of WME you use. We will send your key only once. If you lose your key you will need to contact wmestroopwafel. Do not share your key.
2.The amount of cells you can edit within a certain timeframe will be throttled.
3.This is not a contest. Do not mark cells done if you did not do the work.

What do we have planned?
Tile Alert.
Your own local database with cells you want to monitor. With a click on the button you can check which cells have changed since you saved them.
Cells To Do.
You can mark a cell as To Do if you know it needs work, but you can’t do that right now. Let’s say there is a closure and you know you need to edit that segment once the closure is gone. Or you see some structure that needs editing, but you also have to walk the dog and run for groceries. Just mark it To Do and visit it later. These tiles are also stored in your local database, so these are not shared.


Who made this script?
The script was written by mewsa on an idea by GerardterBeke.

What is stroopwafel?
It is the best cookie in existence.

Why the name stroopwafel?
It refers to the Dutch origin of the script, and if you Google a picture of a stroopwafel you can easily see the similarities. Did we already mention it’s just an awesome cookie?

Now you may ask yourself: 'How do I work this'

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... ayms=10000

And finally, what you came here for: DOWNLOAD
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Post by wmestroopwafel
RichardPyne wrote:It appears that the Send Activation Key is not working. It says it is sent, but never shows up in my Inbox.
Hi Richard,

Thanks for alerting us, we're working on it.
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Post by wmestroopwafel
Today we released version 1.6


- With the public release of Road Shields and Exit Signs we added those aspects to the list.
- Wordwrap to support longer aspect names(thanks Jan Klaaseen)
- A report/feedback button
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Post by wmestroopwafel
JanKlaaseen wrote:Hi wmestroopwafel,

The script works well. I love it but I have found mistakes.
  1. Words are break
  2. It is not translated into the big languages
  3. Wrong anchor after translate it

1. Words are break and 3. Wrong anchor
To solve these problems you only have to replace the source code line in the script:
#WME_Marker_Context_Aspects td:first-child { word-break: normal; width: 200px; }
#WME_Marker_Context_Aspects td:first-child { word-break: break-all; width: 160px; }

You use break-all, but the words may be broken at any character. If you use normal, uses default line break rules (according to language)
After translation, width: 200px to fit window.

Below is a sample of the ploblem and results you will get:

Wrong width and word-break
Wrong word-break (applied width: 200px)
Solved (applied two options)
Thanks for the kind words and the heads-up about the wordbreaks.
We focused on releasing a working version in English to see if there was a need for this script and didn't encounter the problem you describe with the word breaks. On different resolutions and in other languages this might be a problem, so we'll look into it. If this works better you might see this in the next release.
2. Spanish translation
You can translate your file into spanish language? on the contrary, I provide you the code of the spanish file and Just upload the code with a new script what might be called WME Stroopwafel ES, for example.
I could upload it, but you are the author and I would be glad if you were to do so.
Spanish code file

See you
There is no immediate plan to release a version with language support, although we did discuss this early on. For now we are focussing on the core functionality and getting feedback on that. If there is a greater request for translations we might reconsider pulling this forward.

If you wish to release a Spanish version you are of course free to do so, but we can't support a second version which would mean you would need to keep up with releases to maintain functionality.
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Post by wmestroopwafel
Hi Thalibahn,

At this moment everybody is level 1 for the script. We are working on including the level, and eventually add level dependant features.
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Post by titchy_


I requested a key but haven't received it. I wonder if the new forum chat has broken this?
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Post by Thalibahn
Very interesting idea :!:

Which levels are there, how do you level up and what changes come with the level?
Currently activated as:

(level 1)
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Post by sketch
lightmaster1 wrote: Tue Oct 26, 2021 1:24 am Using this with Firefox, the extension's tab forgets the options I have enabled every time I refresh WME. It does remember my key, but not which checkboxes should be enabled.

Same for me in Chrome on Windows for sure and also Mac I think. 
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