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Waze support map update request: [Venues/Places updates] 

Post by wazecsforum
Hi,We’ve received a map update request to Waze support and we’re posting here on the user’s behalf. The link to this post will be forwarded for the user to follow up.This is the user’s request: Milicova 2027, Uvaly, Czech Republic[Permalink (Mandatory)]: ... f7LKrQega4[Request type:Venues/Places updates][The user's request content]Hello, I live in Uvaly, Czech Republic. My address is Milicova 2027, Uvaly, Czech Republic, but waze navigates instead of this address to Lipanska street It causes me slight problems with suppliers or delivery services if they set my address to waze.Is it possible to fix it?Thanks,
The Waze Support team
Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by Bew1One
Hi, problem solved by editing (setting) the NavPoint of the place. Everything should be fine for a new search.
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