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Waze Update

Post by The Fej
Hi everyone,

Today we’re excited to share the next chapter in our journey at Google – Waze is joining Google’s Geo organization! As many of you already know, Geo is the team behind Google’s portfolio of real-world mapping products, including Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View, and Google Maps Platform.

What’s not changing is Waze’s standalone app, our unique brand, and our dedication to our community of more than 100,000 Waze volunteers and 150 million monthly active users worldwide.

Teams across Waze and Geo have already been working closely together to improve the experience for users of both Waze and Maps. One great example involves surfacing Google Maps information on missing or misaligned road segments for our passionate volunteer map editors to verify, ultimately making maps more accurate for users of both platforms. With your support, we’re eager to unlock more of these opportunities – from tech collaboration to improved mapmaking – to better serve our users, volunteer communities, city and transportation partners, advertisers, and more.

Google will continue investing to make the Waze that you know and love even better. As always, thank you for your passion and tireless support. We simply would not be here without you.

The Fej
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Post by AlanOfTheBerg
Thanks Fej! Honestly a bit surprised this didn't happen sooner! :D

I know the apps will still be separate, but is this meaning that the mapping platforms are planned to be merged?
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Hope for the better future 💪
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Post by goncalovm76
Thank you, Fej, for the updates, and for trusting the community to move forward in this new Waze chapter.
Looking forward to continuing to be the best community EVER around the world. ♥
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Post by Majid-Alyafeai
Congrats Fej and all the team for this forward step which for sure will contribute on improving our lovely App, and at the end will reflect on our experience.

For me as volunteer and addicted to this App the Importance for me is:
What’s not changing is Waze’s standalone app, our unique brand, and our dedication to our community
Keep it going ..
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Thank You
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Post by mkwrensch
Hi,  Why will my Waze not display in fullscreen? Is this an issue or is it just designed like. that?
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Post by SgtBatten
Congrats team. My hope is that this means searching on Waze ( using android auto on a headunit) will finally work instead of putting the best matching result more than halfway down the list. 
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Post by skippy10
The VERY best !
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Post by sulstore
That was expected. On long routes, Waze is already using a smooth mechanism (like a tunnel) to create routes in Waze. Waze only sees the tunnel that Google maps sends to Waze. More information on the link below. In addition, it is clear that the intention is to make the map more faithful to reality, both Google and Waze (koi fish another example). The problem for us is that the Google map we cannot edit and we end up importing their error. When reporting an error on Google, the solution takes longer (when there is a solution). ... sp=sharing
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