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Coachella Valley Road Closures

Post by thatmavigirl
It’s really unfortunate that you cannot report a road closure in Apple CarPlay.

in the Coachella Valley, specifically Palm, Springs/Cathedral City, E. Vista Chino Rd. is closed between N Gene Autry Trail and Carmela Drive.

The stretch of road opens and closes almost daily at this point because of dust storms.

It would be so useful to be able to report when the road is closed from within Apple CarPlay instead of having to unplug your phone to use the app. Kind of removes the safety component. Also impossible to reroute if you can’t report the road is closed and you don’t know how to get around on your own. Luckily I do. 
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Post by AquaZR1
To add to what Mike said regarding the weather closures in Palm Springs. We do apply the closures to the roads across the washes when the city of Palm Springs announces them if one of us is available to do so. Most of the time there is a delay and a few times they are not even announced.
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Post by turbomkt
I believe voting is closed, but you can add comments to this suggestion on Uservoice: ... on-carplay

Regarding the daily closures due to dust storms, I wish we could help but there isn't anything the editing community will be able to do in this case. Weather is just too hard to predict.
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