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Subject: Waze support map update request: A user would like to correct their home location in the Waze Map

Post by wazecsforum

We’ve received a map update request to Waze support and we’re posting here on the user’s behalf. The link to this post will be forwarded for the user to follow up.

This is the user’s request:

2316 Bonnevoie-Nord-Verlorenkost Luxembourg

62 Bd du Général George S. Patton ... xmIRequest type : =13pxAddress changes/complaints

The user was requesting to update the pin location of their address in the Map it should be be mark next to the house "Villa des Fleurs"


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Waze Team
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Post by Fischenicher
Thanks for the update request.

There are already house numbers in Boulevard Général George S. Patton in the section that is not part of the N2 (from number 58 - Villa des Fleurs - to number 94). Does the routing to number 62 not work as expected?

Greetings, Stefan

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