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Northwood Hall is not on "Northwood Road"

Post by world_j2ckhlqm
Hi, I am struggling with every Waze user thinking my building is on "Northwood Road," which is about half a kilometer away from Northwood Hall.

My post code, N6 5PJ, is on Hornsey Lane. You can verify this through Royal Mail.

There is no association between Northwood Hall and Northwood Road - please, can someone remove this from the app? 

This is causing problems for food delivery, parcel delivery, hired cars, and more.
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Post by iangpowell
Thanks for the post.

We have Northwood Hall in Waze as a searchable place, this has been the case for over 2 years now.

Searching for Northwood Hall in my own app, I do see two results, one of which is on Northwood Rd. Looking at the different icon graphic next to this, I can see that this is a Google Maps search result and not something stored in Waze. This is an error in Google Maps and, when I look into it, I can see that someone has erroneously added the address for Northwood Hall as "22 Northwood Road".

I've submitted an update request to Google Maps, what they do with this and how quickly, is out of my control!! :)
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Post by Kevintiobraid
I've also added the incorrect Google place to the Waze place, so it should work in Waze now until Google process the update (which could be never)
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