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Introducing the 10 Year Anniversary Badge!

Post by adriansinger
Dear Editors,

We're thrilled to introduce a brand new badge to honor an extraordinary group of individuals among you - those who have been shaping and improving the Waze Map for an entire decade or more!

🎉 Introducing the 10 Year Anniversary Badge! 🎉

This badge is our way of expressing gratitude and immense pride for the editors who have been with us through thick and thin, contributing their time, expertise, and passion to make Waze the incredible navigation platform it is today.

How to Earn the Badge:

If you've been editing the Waze Map for 10 years or more, this badge is yours!
Your dedication and commitment to enhancing the Waze experience have not gone unnoticed, and this badge is a small token of our appreciation.

How to Display Your Badge:

If you qualify for the 10 Year Anniversary Badge, feel free to download from the attached file to this post and manually add it to your signature.

You can also find it in the Social Media Hub.

Thank you for a decade of collaboration, innovation, and community spirit! Here's to many more years of navigating together!

Best regards,
Adrian on behalf of the Waze Communities Team
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