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Adiós, Waze! From Tel Aviv to London, with a Heart Full of Memories ♥️

Post by adriansinger
Dear Community,

After 14 amazing years, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Waze. It's been an incredible journey, stretching all the way back to our early days. Witnessing this community’s transformation from a tiny group of early adopters to the amazing collection of champs, localizers, beta leaders, mega mappers, culture chairs, MTE marshalls and what not… has been truly inspiring.

Speaking of inspiration, my family and I are expecting to get some of it in London, where we’re expected to relocate this summer (hello UK community, here we go!).

Before I go, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. Your dedication and love for Waze is the secret sauce that makes this app so popular. But beyond that, this love has splashed all over the place and I’m one of the lucky ones enjoying it directly. Here I have made true friendship and I had the privilege to have met exceptional people who go far and beyond to altruistically help their neighbors.

Leading communities at Waze has allowed me to witness first hand how the Brazilian and LATAM Communities grow skin and bones from scratch. It allowed me to personally meet many of you, in some cases in your own countries, and build the amazing relationships that last until today and I’m sure will last after my departure.

Relationships that were strong enough for some to openly criticize and fix my mistakes when I manually translated the very first versions of Waze in Spanish and Portuguese. Who would have dreamed about an amazing Localization community back in the days???

For me, professionally-speaking, it’s been a long journey at Waze. I have had the great honor of inaugurating the Waze Partnerships Program in 2013 by manually introducing live road closures in Rio’s Center of Operations during Pope Francis’s visit to the city.

But above all, I feel prouder for having built a Waze Community in the most successful social media of all: Google+! Who can disagree that it was a crucial step to Waze’s success? Together with the frequent releases of Waze for Symbian and Blackberry, I have no doubt I made a great contribution for Waze’s popularity by communicating in the most relevant places 🤪

Not to mention that I became a mega TV star in Argentina!

Over the years I have seen this community establish editing standards, deciding on the smallest details of TTS instructions, developing scripts, spotting and reporting the weirdest bugs and even helping partners in their own offices. But I have also seen true friendships developing, families forming (with at least one baby being delivered by another community member!), and amazing acts of generosity and companionship when illness and death strike. In the Waze community you can see the full arc of life, and that’s what sets it apart from all other communities. It’s not just about the product, it’s not the technology - it’s the people. It’s the most genuine expression of what Waze aspires to be: The best combination between humans and technology.

Thank you Waze Community for giving me my best professional years so far. While I'm moving on, the friendships I've made and the lessons I've learned here will stay with me forever.

Now let me ask you something: Being now in position number 7 - How long do you think it’ll take me to reach antigerme as the most thanked wazer in the forum?!?

A massive hug to everyone ♥️

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