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Moving location of an Address

Post by nathan_wv
I reported a problem with a local Starbucks yesterday and would like to fix it. The address reported by Waze seems to be correct, but when it it navigates you to the address it sends you off course. How do I tell Waze that the address is elsewhere?
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Post by AlanOfTheBerg
Please see the Waze FAQ.

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Post by nathan_wv
OK, I see that Waze pulled the info from Bing or Google....Google has it correct and Bing does not. Bing is reporting the address correctly, but as if it were located in the center of the road 1/2 mile away. According to the Waze FAQ I should contact Bing to correct it, but I don't see a way to do that. Any ideas there?
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Post by AndyPoms
Did you search Bing for "Starbucks" or the address of the Starbucks?

If you searched for "Starbucks", click on it so it loads up the POI page & then "Report A Problem"
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