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robin1979 wrote:Quick impression:
Seems to be a lot faster?
'Promopt me to edit road info' :)
Glad you removed the bulldozer from the mainscreen.
I like the always visible speedometer.
Chomped you :)
You changed something about the road labels - a big improvement, but still needs some tweaking - city names and major highway/freeway names still have the same font, I would like to see a seperation here (maybe a small border around city names?).

I don't like the new scoreboard, and there's a small bug in it:
When I hit the 'All'/'Weekly' link, it displays another user (for the other 3 combinations it's okay).
Isn't possible we "border" the cities like we do with POI's ?
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How about a new Android beta version?
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How could I participate on te beta test team?
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Hi there.. I have been testing the beta and have encounter the following bugs:
-In Rank list it shows incorrectly and when I select 'State' & 'All times' it shows incorrect country (NL) and it should show (VE)

I will add a little more later
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