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Waze and rural areas without cell coverage

Post by nathan_wv
This past weekend I went to see some family members who live in a rural area. A small amount of road I drove on had little to no cell coverage (what coverage there was, was Edge not 3G), and that road had likely never been driven on by a Waze user. My icon turned into Pacman and went to town.

My question is, how does Waze handle points, marking areas as "editable" on the map, etc when cell coverage is not there or shakey at best?

Also, for Waze to detect me as driving does the app need to be open all the time? Or can I start it, and then switch over to some other app for example? This is on an iPhone with iOS 6.
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Post by Scruffy151
You get breaks in your routes and your editable areas without data connections.

You can use another app with waze in the background and still get points if you have a data connection.
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Post by CrackedLCD
I can't speak to iOS specifically, but on my Android phone I've noticed that minimising Waze and going to another program leaves an icon in the notification bar. BUT — sometimes when I try to go back to Waze, it starts like it's being opened for the first time and whatever driving I did before (even if it was 30 minutes of driving with reception) is lost.

Because there are so many rural areas where I live with little or no cell phone reception, there are areas I will never be able to edit. Bummer.
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