On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (05.11.2012) *UPDATE

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On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (05.11.2012) *UPDATE

Postby jonypony » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:26 am

Version 3.5 is out and we're very excited about it's new features.
In case you've missed it - you are welcome to upgrade and try all the new additions. To name a few: 
 Social-integration: you can now link your Facebook account with your Waze, so you can actually see your friends when they're on their way to the same destination as you; or you can just share your status - and get a glimpse of your friends current 'Wazing status'.
 'Location and drive-sharing' features: You can now share your drive with others by sending them a link to a web-based Waze map, on which they can track your route, your actual location and your ETA.
'Pick-up': You can send a 'pick-up request' which will enable you and the recipient to seamlessly share your locations and coordinate a pickup - by simply click on a single link within a message. Try it out - and tell us what do you think about it.
Open-issues, known bugs, constrains and service-status
We are aware of several bugs and issues which came up with the new version. To name a few:
- TTS being 'locked'
- No 'screen-flipping' 
- Some iPhone crashes and lack of support for iPad3
- Some missing UI elements on Android devices

We are aware of those and a few others and we're doing our best to release a fixed-version within the next couple of weeks.

If you encounter any issues which you would like us to pay attention to, please submit them in our iOS and Android feedback forum and we'll do our best to take care of them.

Wazers around you
We have deployed a new server-side feature which enables our users in almost 300 metro areas worldwide to see how many Wazers are in their area.
Currently those supported metros are in the following countries (whereas the rest of the world should follow): 

Czech Republic

*Please note that the feature is only active in the Major cities.

Gas Stations
Gas Stations
The Gas-stations feature -- with the support for gas prices self-updates - is now also available in France, Slovakia, The Netherlands & Belgium.
You can search for gas stations using the 'Categories' option on the search screen, drive to a selected station and once you're at the station - update the price for each gas type.
The following countries are ready and are going through thorough QA testing and should be released within the next 2 weeks: Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, New Zealand, Germany, Cyprus, Russia & Estonia.

We welcome our new Japanese community to Waze! いらっしゃいませ.
We now have a complete map of Japan and we're working with the community to correct any errors.
We're also improving the search mechanism in Japanese and touching up on the translation for the app and the turn-by-turn instructions. 

CONGRATULATIONS to one of our top users and most senior contributor, AlanOfTheBerg who reached 2 million points!
OscarC just passed the 400,000 edits! Much respect!
We'd also like to congratulate GizmoGuy411 for passing the 300,000 edits mark. -Well done!
Last but not least – our friend hebermc who got to over 200,000 edits – keep on Wazing!

Since last week, we got new fanpages on Facebook in Serbia & Bangladesh
Show them some love. :)

Map Editor
The new version of the map-editor is in its late stages of developments. Beta versions are keep coming out and we're constantly collecting feedbacks from our beta-group.
One of the main features which we're adding is the ability to chat with other editors - both offline and in realtime. 
This will allow editors to communicate with each-other, allowing them to better coordinate their edits and make sure no one is editing over someone else' edits.

Earlier this month we had the honor of participating The Netherlands community meetup, arranged by the leaders of our Dutch community.
During the meetup we experienced yet-again the great power of the social mapping idea and got encouraged by the devotion and amazing contribution the local community of Wazers are putting into this joined effort.

Waze on the News
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Android Community
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The iOS Post
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See you in 2 weeks!

*Major last minute update:
1. The new editor has been deployed and is no longer in beta!
Read about all the new features HERE.

2. The gas-prices feature has now been enabled in these countries:
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