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Post by naesstrom
I like most of them, and I think it's great to have one common place for them all...

Just wanted to add some of the info from the other thread about the tracking part, Google latitude is doing a great job on the tracking part, so as far as we discussed in the other thread, smoothest way would be to add some kind of interaction between the two of them instead of reinventing the wheel :D

I guess the soundfiles could be a problem with the size, I have a lots of different ones for my other PC based software, everything from simpsons to van damme giving me directions, but they do take up a lot of space...

Poke feature would be nice, Im trying to make my own sticker so people can see that Im a wazer when I'm on the road :D
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Post by PeterG
if not by purpose the main reason will be that nothing has been entered at the nickname. No Nickname = anonymous even if being anonymous not selected. Of course there is no nickname by default...


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Post by sketch
I feel that the child/spouse tracking is more trouble than it's worth. It'll probably have to be defeatable--right to privacy--and even if it isn't, your kid can just choose not to open waze when he skips SAT prep class to hang out with his friends at the coffee shop.
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ALL US EDITORS READ: New USA road type guidance
the guidance linked above is now almost a decade old, but the link gives me a laugh every time i see it, so it stays (:
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hi maxjivi05,

keep 'em coming!


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Post by telley36
One of the things that I have noticed when I'm driving around and find a fellow wazer, they are nearly always anonymous. When I installed Waze on my phone in January, it was default that it be anonymous. Is that on purpose? is there some crazy privacy issue with defaulting that to not reporting anonymous?

I want to chit-chat with my locals and ping some folks!
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Post by traficovip
I also request
- a buffer for the report so does´t matters if you have or not network connection...
- Being able to report in the neighborhood by point on the map, useful to report event near you but not on your road.
- When you report traffic will be nice another level to click Heavy, Moderate or Light Traffic.
- Also in the accident report will be nice another level with Car Crash, Damage car, Motorcycle or soo.
- Put the GPS Signal and network signal in the status bar of the phone itself (iPhone) No need to be in the status bar of waze.
- The road names in 3D are very intrusive and only show horizontally... It would be nice to put them in the direction of the road itself.
- Intelligent Zoom... Linked to the driving speed and the proximity of the intersection. And customizable Top Zoom-in and Zoom-Out
- That the pictures taken from waze also will be stored in the album for later use (iPhone).
- Geo-tagging the taken pictures
- Better responsiveness when you drive out off route... Actually waze continue in the predicted road even when you go in opposite direction.
- Point POIs and poligon POIs.
- Fixed warning in cartouche that popups in the client. (School Zone, Speed reductor, Dangerous turn, etc) Here in Venezuela we have all the speed reductor, road holes, borderline faults, etc added to GPS maps.
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