I really like Waze, but...

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Re: I really like Waze, but...

Postby Daknife » Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:33 am

1. Just about every third thread here asks for that.
2. Very closely related to 1 and discussed nearly as frequently.
3. Object in road, or car stopped on shoulder both work fine, or just call it a minor accident, it has the same effect. This request isn't unreasonable except that we could quickly fill pages and pages of choices, the current selection is for the most part sufficient, very rarely is there an option suggestion that isn't covered already.
4. A good idea but every new button reduces the already limited real estate called a smart phone screen. And you can make the reports with the voice option and activate it with either the three finger tap or set it to activate with a wave of the hand.
5. Actually the latest version has been far more stable for me than previous versions, I haven't had a lock up in a couple weeks and they used to be near daily occurrences for me.

And just saying your device is android is insufficient to allow for any trouble shooting of #5. We need your device make and model, your service provider and the version of Android on it.

Your ideas aren't bad but they're already beaten to death with requests, and most of us do actually agree with your suggestions, or you aren't keeping the limits of screen space and complexity of menu options for reports in mind.
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I really like Waze, but...

Postby Alanbartonmiller » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:06 am

I really like using Waze, but I have a number of suggestions:

1. When I'm being routed, I really only care about events on the route I'm following. While I may have some interest in something happening on a freeway across the Bay, it's unlikely. Show me what I will encounter. I'll bet it will cut down on network traffic.

2. You used to show alerts in general while I'm going slow or standing still. I don't mind you warning me of an accident up ahead, I don't care if there's a visible cop somewhere behind me. Plus I can no longer see the map.

3. When I'm reporting a hazard on the road, it would be really nice if one of the hazards was a vehicle stalled in a lane. And it would be nice if I could choose right/middle/left lane. Those behind me would certainly appreciate it.

4. It would be nice to have a couple of configurable buttons above the vehicle speed so if I like to report stalked vehicles or a speed trap, I can do so without having to drill down through menus. Others may wish to configure the buttons for warnings appropriate to their area.

5. Starting to lock up often enough that its becoming a PITA.

Mine is an Android phone.

Ok, got it off my chest.

I love Waze!
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