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Re: WinMo?

Postby Daemonfly » Sat May 22, 2010 3:49 am

And my HD2 has never had any major issue with Waze, just a lockscreen issue when Waze is running, which is temporary. The newer versions take longer to aquire GPS though. Stock TMOUS with some apps installed.

But the varying results with Waze on the HD2 are quite similar to the varying experience with the HD2 itself. For many people it works great, for others, constant problems. Mine is actually my second one, as the first had major issues and was returned on the first day.
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Re: WinMo?

Postby JAMBRAM » Fri May 28, 2010 3:26 am

The Fej wrote:Frankly, the 2 windows 1.8.x versions issued several weeks ago were almost like the iPhone and more advanced than the Android 1.7.x. So while we are not always able to get all devices up to par, specifically here the Windows versions are quite updated.

Aw, Fej, If we didn't complain, how else would you know that we loved the app so much? Appreciate all the hard work that everyone at Waze is doing!
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Re: WinMo?

Postby muchski » Sun May 30, 2010 7:50 pm

Yeah I had WM handset before and it was frustrating when you saw other platforms get an update or two sometimes before you got one for yours. I have been using WM for a long time but grew tired of the outdated elements of UI and general slowness! Loved the customizability with custom ROMs and the awesome work of XDA but since moving to the X10 on Android I have never looked back. Awesome customizability with home screens, great notification system, constant Google OS upgrades, tons and tons of apps. I will always have love for WM but maybe best way to get latest Waze is to go to the Android platform? JK, I know not everyone is near the end of a term or hardware upgrade period, and hence users want the latest Waze client on their smartphone! I think the best way to look at it, is Waze is trying to capture the largest number of users and it makes more sense to give priority to the release that most people can enjoy and be lured to. It is quite a feat in and of itself to have a single app be present over so many smartphone platforms. I can barely think of any apps that span Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile in one fell swoop! Just remember folks to always show appreciation for the team that obviously listens to our feedback to the best capacity they can! Like every organization there are limited resources but the fact that they look at these forums and speak with us directly to try to work towards a solution is remarkable!!! :D

Thanks team!
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