Another timed restriction problem--any advice?

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Another timed restriction problem--any advice?

Postby doomedtx » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:31 pm


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Yet another timed restrictions/wish I could talk to the submitter UR. Since those features are still "coming someday," I thought I'd share here. This person appears to have been going to the Air Force Base where the roads have been marked private per the wiki. Not surprisingly, there IS a gate at the entrance to the base. The problem is this particular gate is open sporadically. I don't live on base and hardly ever use this gate, except occasionally to exit. I'm not really sure what the opening/closing rules are (if there are any) and don't know how to apply the "majority rules" principle here for deciding whether to connect it or not.

So, I can either leave the road connected to the base and annoy people when the gate is closed or disconnect the road and leave people unable to find it when it's open. Any advice, particularly from Wazers more familiar with the Harris Gate?

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Re: Another timed restriction problem--any advice?

Postby harling » Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:10 pm

Presumably there is a "main gate" that is reliably open. All traffic should be routed that way, to avoid inconveniencing people like the UR reporter. I can think of two ways to discourage Waze from routing people to the gates that are often closed:

  • Disconnect the road at those gates. Downside: if local Wazers do occasionally drive through it, it will be flagged.
  • Since we are already introducing a penalty for the Private Roads inside the base, place a regular Street segment immediately after the first Private Road segment. The additional transition will increase the penalty, and make the main gate the preferred choice, without leaving an "open" for Waze to flag.
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